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Beauty of the Month
ANYONE can enter their pictures to Beauty of the Month - Just Send your entry to Karen@FemmeFever.com - send one picture and a brief "bio" - anything you want to tell about yourself...

Click on each picture to view full picture. When casting your vote you are not writing to the contestant, you are voting for her. To Email the contestant, you must use HER email address IN HER BIO. Scroll down to see all contestants and previous winners multiple pic presentation.
Please realize that 300 votes sent from the same email address still counts as only 1 vote.


April 2015
I am bisexual 58 years old who enjoys dressing in women's clothing for the pleasure of other. I like to dress to impress where it is on the street or in the bedroom. I dress to relax and as a hobby to distract me from my everyday life. When dressed I am comfortable with men and well as other CD, TV or TG. Some of the hottest night I have had was with a CD that I met and we spend hours dressing, doing our makeup, drinking wine then ended up in bed for what seemed like hours of lustful fun and falling asleep exhausted.

Vote for Cindy
My name is Nora, and I like wearing skirts, because they are really lovely :) I am 23 years old, and I know that I am younger than the other participants but I hope, that it is not a problem. I find you all really beautiful. I am studying now, and this is the first time that I want to show to the world my girly side.
Thank you to all of you.


Vote for Nora
I am gender fluid and some days feel more feminine than male. I am educated and in control of my professional life. I am athletic and manage people and business in the professional life. However, I need to escape this type A' ness regularly to create balance in my life. I love femininity. Because I was born a man, I associate the feminine side with being submissive and generally love all things feminine, I always have since I was 6. I love Bikram Yoga, biking, running and swimming and you can often find me training or twisting myself in hot sweaty knots at all hours of the day or night. I’m pretty serious when it comes to being healthy. With all this swimming and biking it's the best excuse I've come up with to keep my body lean and hair free to explore my feminine side. When I'm not working or working out I am an exhibitionist at heart and love silky smooth things against my body, short skirts and high heels.


Vote for Jenny
"Hi y'all.
I'm Michelle Blocke and I'm 67-years young. I live on the Sout Shaw of Lawn Gylan Nu Yawk and I identify as transgendered. I have been dressing my entire life and my mantra is - Gurls Just Wanna Have Fun!"
Hugs, Michelle

Vote for Michelle
Hi there,
I'm a mature professional on the Outer Banks of NC who just adores transforming myself into a very feminine woman. I just love this very special lifestyle and would like to meet others who enjoy this as well. If you wish, please write me and lets get to know each other.
Patti Kelly

Vote for Patti
I have a very nice feminine slender petite build that is nicely toned and smooth. Shaved smooth daily. i am very feminine looking and acting. I'm 26 years old, 140 pounds feminine slender petite build not muscular but nicely tone. I do not hurt others physically or emotionally and I respect them and that makes me feel good too. I drink, I party once in a while, clubs, bars, house parties, etc... I have a hell of a lot of fun when I let loose and the best part is no one ever gets arrested!!!! LOL.
Rachael Andrews

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