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Beauty of the Month
ANYONE can enter their pictures to Beauty of the Month - Just Send your entry to Karen@FemmeFever.com - send one picture and a brief "bio" - anything you want to tell about yourself...

Click on each picture to view full picture. When casting your vote you are not writing to the contestant, you are voting for her. To Email the contestant, you must use HER email address IN HER BIO. Scroll down to see all contestants and previous winners multiple pic presentation.
Please realize that 300 votes sent from the same email address still counts as only 1 vote.


October 2015
My name is Joanne Castle. I guess I am considered a mature woman. I have been into my femme side since I can remember. I was into my mother's closet and dresser when I was about 10 to 11. I am originally from Long Island and have been in the Hudson Valley for the last 40 years. I just like to do the everyday things in life as any other woman would. I have a complete wardrobe from casual jeans, top and flats for just going out grocery shopping to cocktail dress and evening gowns for that special night out

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Hi, I am Natasha from Chicago. I travel all around the country and have been to many exiting places including New York, where I visited Karen. I am interested in finding new friends, wherever I go. I am looking forward to meeting other Femme Fever Gals, next time I am in New York.

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Hi Everyone !! My Name is Veronica Moorhead, I am a a sweet girl next door type, with a little bit of a naughty side. I have dabbled in dressing all my life, but 2 years ago I decided to go from simple cross dresser, and get serious about the possibility of becoming a woman. I have been studying the web , magazines, and talking to others on how to dress, do make up, so on, trying to create the perfect feminine image. I try to be myself as often as possible but, for work and family reasons I am only living about 80% of the time Female. I am starting to find my inner glow, and each time I walk my path as Veronica I go further, and further. I was so excited to find the contest, it would be a great honor if you all picked me against all these other fine lady's ! Thank you for taking the time to find out about me, and have a great day!
XOXO, Veronica


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It been over 10 years since I started HRT, 7 years ago I started living full time as the woman I was meant to be, and 4 years since SRS. It's been a busy and happy 10 years, my family and friends still love me and they enjoy me more now than as the person I was. Business associates respect me as the same honest and dependable person I was, I just look different. I live my life as me, I do not hide who and what I am, but neither do I advertize it. The people who knew me before, obviously know, the people I meet outside of that, for the most part, do not see it. My life is blue skies and cherry pies every day. I continue to counsel and help those who come behind me. I hope and I pray that others find the happiness in life that I have found. It has everything to do with the only person who can control your life and your happiness. YOU.


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My name is Stacey After all these years I figured I'd throw myself in. My short Bio is I met Karen in 2005 , she was the first person I trusted when I came out for the first time. She gave me my first make over. In 2009 I fully transitioned from Face, Top to bottom. It's been an extremely long and hard road for me. Made a lot of sacrifices to get where I am now. I lost contact of my children for 8 years , lost family and all my friends. My children are just now slowly coming back to me. I always made myself available for them when they where ready. I am now Happily married to an awsome woman and live in Boston with a great job with new friends. I only have pictures of myself and my wife. I am pictured to the right. Thank you,


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I have a very nice feminine slender petite build that is nicely toned and smooth. Shaved smooth daily. I am very feminine looking and acting. I'm 26 years old, 140 pounds feminine slender petite build not muscular but nicely tone. I do not hurt others physically or emotionally and I respect them and that makes me feel good too. I drink, I party once in a while, clubs, bars, house parties, etc... I have a hell of a lot of fun when I let loose and the best part is no one ever gets arrested!!!! LOL.
Rachael Andrews

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