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The Q&A | Before and After Series

December 2, 2015 in Before and After Makeovers


Hi there.

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.

I’m very excited to introduce this new Q & A, Before and After series to the Femme Fever blog. I felt that this series would be very beneficial to the community and to help those who may be struggling with their transition.

Each person that has participated in this Q & A series has signed a consent allowing us to share their interview with the community.

I hope you enjoy.


K: Thank you so much for sitting down with us today to do this Before and After, Q & A. It’s so great to have you be apart of this Femme Fever series.

K: Can you tell us your name?

C: It’s my pleasure, Karen. My name is Chelli Elizabeth.

K: Chelli, can you tell us a little about yourself.

C: Well, I’m a transgender woman not a cross dresser who just does this for fun. I’ve known all my life that I was different and that I always wanted to be a girl. When I’m dressed as a woman is when I feel myself and happy. I am seriously considering legally changing my gender very soon.

K: That’s great to hear Chelli.

K: Why have you chosen to be open about your before and after makeover on our blog?

C: Well Karen, I think it’s great way to show how we were meant to be and it’s always fun to see the difference between our male and female side.

K: I agree with you Chelli. I think it is very important for us to be the way we are meant to be. How we truly feel, deep down inside.

K: Chelli, can you tell us what brings joy to your life?

C: My family first and foremost, but the real joy for me is when I can actually be dressed as Chelli and get out and be a part of the general population.

K: That’s great to hear.

K: Chelli, Can you tell us what you do for fun?

C: Absolutely!! I love to travel and also enjoy spending time in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. I really want to go there with some of my girl friends and of course go as Chelli.

K: That sounds like fun!! I like Atlantic City too.

K: Can you tell us what was the last Femme Fever event you attended?

C: I went to the ball in April. I was a part of your team helping with the makeovers which was a great experience and I hope to do it again soon.

K: And you were great Chelli! I can’t wait for upcoming Gala Ball. It’s going to be incredible. So many new things are going to be added to it. It’s definitely going to be a great experience for everyone that attends!!!

K: Can you tell everyone about your personal experience attending the Femme Fever Gala Ball?

C: Sure thing! It was great. I got to meet up with some girlfriends and made a few new ones as well. The experience is one of a kind.

K: I love to hear that!! So great.

K: What do you love most about Femme Fever?

C: I love that Femme Fever gives us girls an outlet or venue to go to. Before I knew of Femme Fever I was at a loss as to where I could go or who I could talk to. I was very lonely and depressed. I was so happy when I was hired by you as a web designer to work on your site and update the boutique. You and I have become great friends and I wouldn’t want it any other way. You are truly so amazing. To be able to tell you something that is troubling me and you always taking the time to talk with me is incredible. Only someone who actually cares for their friends takes time out like that.

K: Chelli, your words truly mean so much to me. You are an amazing person yourself and I am so honored to know you and call you my friend.

K: Chelli, can you tell us where are you in regards to dressing? Is this your full time lifestyle? Or something you just do for fun?

C: I wish I was full-time. If I could right now, I’d live the rest of my life as the full-time woman I was meant to be. People who don’t understand the first thing they think about is the surgery. But we all know that’s not what defines us, it’s how we feel about ourselves. Thanks to the law change in New York, you can legally change your gender without the surgery. I intend to do that one day.

K: Chelli, thats great. Yes, New York and many other states have comes a long way, thankfully. We should all be able to live our lives in this world as we choose.

Here is Chelli Elizabeth’s BEFORE and AFTER photo.


Well, thanks again to Chelli Elizabeth for sharing this incredible interview with Femme Fever, the transgender and crossing dressing community and their loved ones. This will be such a great resource for so many people.

I hope this series will reach out and touch so many lives.

Have a beautiful day luvs.


Are you ready for your Femme Fever Makeover?!!

November 24, 2015 in Before and After Makeovers


 If you haven’t already noticed, Femme Fever is in the process of getting a complete makeover itself! The new year is quickly approaching and it’s time to freshen things up!! New logo, blog, website, events, workshops and so much more!! So to celebrate, Femme Fever is offering 1/2 Before and After sessions!!

Femme Fever is looking to add new Before and After photos to our website to showcase some of our Glam makeup techniques. We’re looking to add some color and pizazz to our new website (coming soon!!) and we thought this would be a great way to do so!!

The Before and After section on our website was created to showcase the “natural” beauty we can bring out in each one of our clients with our one of a kind makeup process and techniques. Here at Femme Fever, we do not use Photoshop on our Before and After photos, nor do we use it on any of our photography sessions. We are confident in our craft and know that we can unleash your femme side just as you dreamed we would!

All of the beauties on our Before and After section have signed a consent allowing for us to use both their before (male) photo, along with their after photo. All participants of this 1/2 price Before and After opportunity must do the same in order to participate in this offer.

If you are interested in this great opportunity or any of the other services we offer here at Femme Fever, please email or call (516) 520-0380.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you.


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