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Join us for a Femme Fever Discussion Group…

Relax, Laugh, Chat, make new friends, share experiences and gain so many more!

Upcoming Discussion Groups
February 16, 2016 | 7:30pm-10pm
February 17, 2016 | 11:00am-1:30pm

About Femme Fever Discussion Groups…

Our groups take place in the comfort of my home (Long Island, NY), an environment that allows you to feel relaxed, at ease and safe. I facilitate all groups using both my extensive experience within the community and social work experience as well.

These meetings are designed for all who identify as Transgendered (Cross Dressers, Transexual, etc.)

Our groups are filled with laughter, chatting, support and building friendships with others who may have similar interests as yourself.

Meeting Fee: $35 ($30 if a Professional Makeover is booked)

Meeting fee is a separate fee and is not included in any of the makeover fees listed below.

You may attend in drab or arrive dressed. The option of dressing at my home is also available to you and you may of course change after the meeting as well.

Pre-meeting Professional Makeovers are available for those who want to look and feel their best and also for those who may want to take advantage of a professional makeover at a incredible reduced rate.

Rates are as follows (Pre-meeting rates only):

Professional Makeover $40

Professional Makeover with Femme Fever False Eye Lashes $45

Looking to borrow a wig or wardrobe? $15

The Femme Fever Package (includes a professional makeover, false eyelashes, borrow a wig and wardrobe | also includes makeup removal after meeting if wanted) $60

All Professional Makeovers must be booked in advance, please contact Karen@FemmeFever.com to book your slot today!

All meeting attendees MUST RSVP to attend Discussion Groups | Space is LIMITED.

Refreshments are served.

Book your spot TODAY!
Contact Karen@FemmeFever.com or call (516) 520-0380.


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