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Hi. I've been dressing on and off all my adult life. I've never been out in public dressed as a woman, partly because I had no idea whatsoever how to put on makeup. A few weeks ago I visited Karen, for the first time, who taught me how, in a wonderful, transformative 90 minute session. I always feel most comfortable when I'm dressed, but this was the first time I've ever been dressed as -- much less looked like -- a woman, in the presence of anyone else. I still haven't gone out in public yet. I've been waiting until I could finally apply the lessons she taught me by myself and look (almost) as good as when Karen did it. After several tries I couldn't come close. But tonight, I think, I may finally have succeeded making myself up to look like a woman. And so all I need to do now is be able to do it again, and then screw up the courage, and I'll get out there, looking like the woman I feel like inside.

Karen works miracles! But while practice helps, I see another lesson from Karen in my future very soon.



P.S. And if anyone has any questions about this wonder-working woman, please ask. You can reach me at llp646@yahoo.com.

This past Tuesday night I attended Karen's Makeup class. Besides the great group of gals there I had such a great time and taught me so much about what I have been doing. Karen was patient, helpful, funny, informative, and all this done with a smile and class. She took the personal time to help each and everyone of us. The results were so amazing. As the class ended and you slipped your wig back on after the changes, I felt wonderful. I saw the differences and the effect it had on me. I am telling anyone thinking about or wondering about taking Karen's class, JUST DO IT! You will not be disappointed. To me the one thing Karen does is never negative about what you were doing but more informative to make you improve your style and comfort in applying your makeup. Thank you Karen, Rebeccamarie rebeccamariechristie@yahoo.com

A fun night of learning and discovery its not just a makeup class but an night out with the gurls. I have been to two of Karen's classes with the first class being the first Time ever at a Karen event and I had an amazing time. You go there for the makeup but you come away with so much more. If you are just starting out or have been doing you own makeup for sometime. There is something for you here. Karen makes you feel safe and at home. It's a small class so everyone can get the help you need or want. You don't just have access to the talents of Karen you have everyone in the class learning from each other. Your not alone and this class makes you feel that. And at the end of the class you see the results and are amazed on how great you and everyone looks The most important part of the class is not the make up it's getting out and meeting other gurls. I have met some amazing people at all her events and made some lasting friendships from them. If you are thinking about taking a class I would say Just do it. Its an amazing night of laughs, Fun, discovery and makeup Victoria_sax@yahoo.com

"Hi gurls, I recently attended a group make up session at Karen's. This was the first in a group environment and I have had a private lesson with Karen as well. It was really terrific, informative, educational and most of all fun. I met some great gals and it really took my application techniques to the next level. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be proficient. We covered eye shadow, lashes, taping, contouring, etc. I can't wait until the next class! Thank you Karen! You really are awesome. CDKarli@yahoo.com "

Hi Karen, I want to commend you for the fantastic class held at your home. You showed me tips and techniques That I was totally unaware of and your hands on teaching was better than I could have imagined. The other girls at the class was very helpful as well and were a joy to be with Once again it was an exciting experience and everyone should go to your meetings and your classes and see how wonderful meeting you and the femmefever girls can be. Thank you Karen you're a goddess to our community, With love and great respect: Ellen Nicole Dijon ellenndijon@aol,com

Hi Karen, Thanks for the great makeup class. I learned sooo much last night! I know that I keep getting better and better at applying my makeup with each class that I take and the one last night was very informative. The professional techniques that you showed us for applying eye makeup, lip stick and foundation was especially wonderful! The class was sooo good in fact that it ran over by an hour!! The time went by so fast. The girls were great and we all had a very good time. It's too bad that I had to get home right away and I had to waste such a good makeup application. I can't wait to try the new techniques that I learned on my own! Thanks Again, Gabby :) MRacing24fan@aol.com

Karen, Just want to thank you for last night....not only for offering such a class, but also for your patience explaining and demonstrating the techniques you've discovered. I especially liked watching everyone attempt to "put a face on" per your instructions. Making mistakes is the key to learning how to do better. Doing so in a small group like that provided some comical moments. This made it an even more relaxed atmosphere which in turn made it easier to plunge in and try some of the techniques which I have watched other artists use on my face so often but have seldom had the opportunity to try to do myself. I came away feeling more confident about self-application. So....Bravo for your efforts to guide us; This tadpole is grateful that she attended! Thank you---------Donny donnybrooks@optonline.net

Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorial. My feeling going in was that if I only picked up one useful tip, it would have been worth it. Well, I definitely picked up many more than just one! Useful information to improve my look. I most definitely want to see you one on one for an even more personalized session. Moreover, the session was so much fun, and everyone so supportive. Just a positive experience overall. Talk to you soon. Jillian jilliangrl@gmail.com

Hi Ladies- Teaching an old girl new make-up tricks- I have been applying my own make-up for about 40 yrs. In the class, Karen taught, I learned I had be doing many things wrong. She taught me many new things such as -tapeing face to get get more fem look -tricks to apply blush & eye liner. The other girl's & I had a fun time. Karen is a wonderful hostess. I am so glad I went. Hugs, Diane dianegirl44@yahoo.com

As a part-time CD, after going to Karen's make-up class on 9/21 - I would like to assure other interested "GIRLS" that it was completely safe environment; informative and met (7) of the nicest CD's! Do not hesitate to take a class with Karen no matter what the subject. Sincerely Charlene axechuck231@gmail.com

Hello Karen, I had an absolutely wonderful time at your makup class. I learned so many things and you had so many great up to date cosmetic products. We had so much fun and laughs, it was one of the best experiences ive had. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who is contemplating or experimenting with CD as a great starting point. We had so much fun! For a beginner or a long time CD, this is the place to really start enjoying your Femme side or learn some more techniques. I did both! Love always, Melanie

> > The class was a wonderful educational experience lasting several hours in the privacy of Karens lovely and private location . The class was limited to the number of participants so that each of us received personal instruction. > > We covered the use of our own make up and Karen also has make up available for use and even purchase if requested as well. > We covered many topics including eye shadows, liners, shades which compliment ones complexion, proper use of lashes, taping, shadowing, and various powders to name a few. > > This was the second make up class I attended in the last to years and was a wonderful experience. > > Can't was until the next one! > > Hugs, > Karli > cdkarli@yahoo.com > .. >

Karen's classes and events are well worth the trip from anywhere. I'm pretty good at doing my own makeovers, but I recently learned some valuable new makeup techniques in her class. The event was in her home, it was fun, and it was enjoyable to be around other t-girls. It was great having the social time after - after getting all put together it was nice to indulge it for a while. Karen is a warm-hearted person - she makes everyone comfortable and at ease. I'm looking forward to taking her Comportmant class and attending future FemmeFever events. - Michelle