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Hello to my sister maids, it was nice meeting and serving with you. It was one of those first time experiences being in your nice comfortable safe environment with such nice people making me feel at ease and so completely feminine that was great and will be a fond memory. Really liked the easy parking and safe neighborhood. I will be returning soon I hope, only wish I lived closer jamie sissymaid jamiehot4u@hotmail.com

Dear Sister Sissy maids and specially Karen; I am back to my ordinary (!?) life and I wanted to tell you all that I have had enormous pleasure of sharing with you those moments when I enjoyed and learned a lot of things like the art of being useful and to serve . I had an incomplete idea of how much I needed to learn to reach the goal I have set towards femininity. Thanks to you Karen for the love and professionalism you showed during session. Curtsyly! Melissa melissa.monroe@yahoo.com.br

I also share the same opinion as everyone else. I had a wonderful time at the party last night! I'm so glad that we have Karen and can have parties and get together's at a nice place like Kelli's! I was very happy to make new friends and see some of the terrific people from the last party. For me this is the second time that I came out to a social event and when it was time to go I new that I had to, but I REALLY didn't want to! I think that it wa also very brave for some of the new people who came out socially for the first time! Bravo to you and although it can be hard just keep coming. It gets easier each time! gabrielle MRacing24fan@aol.com

I had a most wonderful time at the "Femmefever Maid Training Class" held at Karen's home . I have never felt so comfortable as I was able to dress in a fun and safe environment along with my sister maids in training. We all enjoyed Karen's instruction and expertise regarding proper cleaning methods, table setting,ironing 101 and we each took turns serving Karen's guests. We also learned correct posture and how to correctly curtsy with a smile, and more... Karen is an expert in the feminine arts and i can not wait until her next class. curtsy :) tina limom_99@yahoo.com

Hi, Karen, I'd like to thank you for having me attend your recent maid/server class at your home. As in earlier classes I've attended, it was both informative and fun. Although I rarely get to serve as a maid, it was interesting to learn some of the finer points of maid servitude. From the ironing lesson, to the folding of napkins, to the proper way to stand while awaiting instructions, the evening was an asset in my striving to be more feminine. I would also like to say thanks for all of the excellent makeovers you have done for me over the years when I've needed to look perfectly girlie for a party or an event. And, in all of the times I've arrived at your home dressed as a male but left in women's clothes, I have yet to feel uncomfortable or reluctant about being seen by your neighbors. In fact, I have never even seen any of your neighbors while walking out to my car! I am grateful for the safe and convenient place your home provides for my crossdressing, and I certainly plan to use your services and expertise again. Polly Priscilla pollypriscilla@webtv.net