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Ingrid Writes:
I just wanted to let you know, in the last 4 months I have become so confident as Ingrid. I attribute it to you and your parties. Your makeup work has made me look like the beautiful woman I know I am but have never achieved in the past. The friendships I have made at the parties is something I never thought I would have. So THANK YOU!!!



Suzette Writes:
I want to thank Karen and all the girls for the fabulous time that I had last night at the FemmeFever "Back to School" Party.

This was my first event with FemmeFever and more importantly my first time out dressed ever. All the girls were so welcoming and warm, I cannot image a better experience for my first time out. The makeup that Karen did before I left for the party made me feel as pretty as I was excited.

I really have to thank all the girls that I met, chatted with, danced with or just waved to. You all were so wonderful whether it was before the party getting our makeup done or at the party. I want to thank every one of the girls that made my night so special. I will not name names as I am not that great at remembering them and I would hate to offend by accidentally omitting any of these beautiful girls. All the girls looked so beautiful, enthusiastic and so happy to be there! Your warm welcome and understanding of my situation changed my life. Instead of hiding at home, I hope I can get back out to another party soon. Now that I have gone I wonder what took me so long – the feeling was and is just so good.

Thank you all again and looking forward to my next visit –


Stefanie Writes:
Hi Karen,
I wanted to tell you what a great time I had at the FemmeFever Ringside PARTY this past Thursday. As you guaranteed, I met so many nice people. I am so glad I was able to be there and I look forward to the next one and all the times our paths will cross in the future. As I previously wrote, there is so much you and your group have to offer that I am interested in. From your meet up talk groups, parties at the Ringside, make-up and photo sessions, I'm excited for what the future has in store.

Again, I thank you for all that you do for the community.


Billie Writes:

You are indeed the flagship in our journey to explore our alter ego with gender identification.

Thanks for the pix and memories last nite at the FemmeFever PARTY at Ringside Bar in Long Island. Was more then worth the trip form Massachusetts to attend!

I love you for the many ways you have given us to meet others for the support we need to be happy.
Billie Bliss

Tina Writes:
Dear Karen,

It’s hard to believe that January 14, 2016 FemmeFever PARTY has come and gone. It was the best evening that I have been involved with. Like Cinderella the evening ended at 12 midnight, but while the event was on, it was magical. The girls were so gracious, educated and concerning, so very kind. I was treated so nice by all and made so many new friends, I didn’t want the night to end. I’m hopeful to be accepted by this wonderful group and hope to see everyone again in the future. This group is so caring and understanding with powerful emotional energy, being without this community would be unimaginable. Thank you, to all the girls I talked to, you are fantastic and all so very beautiful.

Karen you are the best and I only hope and whish great things for you always. You are special and I have so much appreciation and admiration for you.

Thank you, sincerely


Donny Writes:
Dear Karen, Thanks so much for restarting the monthly parties. I had a wonderful time dancing with new girls and reconnecting with old friends. Thanks also for taking and posting your photos of that night. Even though I had my phone with me, I was having so much fun dancing that I forgot to take any shots myself!
Best of fun to all

Jenelle Writes : Hey Karen- I just need to say however grateful I am for everything you did for me for the party. I had the most perfect nite out with the best bunch of girls I ever met! Your workmanship is without a doubt the best I have ever seen! All your help with lending me clothes and doing my make-up made me have the time of my life I'll never forget!!!!!!!! All the positive remarks I got from the girls made me at ease!!!! You don't know how grateful I am for being my first time dressed as a girl and going out for the first time and all the support I got from you made me feel at home!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart!!!! Jenelle wishiagirl@hotmail.com

Tina Marie Wrote : I attended my first FemmeFever party at Kelli's in Belmore the other night. And i have to say i had the most wonderful time ! Not only was it a warm and inviting atmosphere i found great comfort in knowing Karen took every precaution to ensure we Gals were able to party in a safe enviornment. John was at the door ensuring only us Gals and approved Admirers ( very handsome admireres i must say ) were the only guests allowed in. That gave us the peace of mind to be able to let out hair down and set the stage for a most enjoyable evening. The owner and staff treated us like Royalty and saw to our every need. It meant allot to see friendly faces behind the bar that were happy to see us ,accepting us and making sure we were catered to and made to feel comfortable.. I will be returning for the next Femmefever event ! The Fetish Party in October...woohoo Tina Marie (tina_marie_1@hotmail.com) :)

Hi Karen I want to say to all the gals that you and your parties are THE BEST. I dress as often as I can - but am afraid to go out. Karen provides a safe and fun environment to go out in and all the girls (and guys) are: kind, respectful, helpful and fun to be around. I do not live nearby or I would go every month - the makeovers Karen provides are awesome. Even Karen's pre-party makeovers are instructive and she even does touch ups through out the night if needed. I was sooooooo scared to go out the first time. Karen took me and "held my hand" throughout the night - it was so refreshing to have someone who cares rather than someone who treats it like all business. Karen cares. Karen, I have not seen you in a while - family issues (not what you think) - but once I get free time I will be back up for the parties and makeovers. To anyone out there that want to give this a try - Karen is the only one I would trust and only one I would go with for the first time hugs to all Sommer Sommer8989@aol.com

I just want to thank Karen for always being there for us girls. I just attended the femmefever party and it was so much fun. Just being with the other girls and meeting new girls made me feel so comfortable. I also have had the fortune of doing a before and after shoot with Karen and I was blown away at her magic with the makeover she gave me. Thank you Karen; because of you I have found the confidence in myself to not only attend the party's that you have but also have found the confidence in me to go out in public dressed the way I feel and that is as a woman. Chelli (jdrocs2003@yahoo.com)

I also share the same opinion as everyone else. I had a wonderful time at the party last night! I'm so glad that we have Karen and can have parties and get together's at a nice place like Kelli's! I was very happy to make new friends and see some of the terrific people from the last party. For me this is the second time that I came out to a social event and when it was time to go I new that I had to, but I REALLY didn't want to! I think that it wa also very brave for some of the new people who came out socially for the first time! Bravo to you and although it can be hard just keep coming. It gets easier each time! gabrielle MRacing24fan@aol.com

Hi Karen, The party was wonderful! Some of the girls are stunning! I can't compare the turnout with parties in the past but it seemed to me that it was well attended. The food was good, the bartenders were friendly, the locale was superb and everyone had a good time. And you were the Queen.....you looked beautiful! Thank you for all you do. I can't wait for the next party. Love, Linda linda3929@yahoo.com

I attended my first femmefever party in February 2007 and I had a wonderful time I was very nervous at first, it took a couple of makeovers with Karen before I had the nerve to go but I'm so glad I did Karen did my makeup before the party and even helped arrange the drive over to the bar in case some felt uncomfortable driving alone I was still kind of nervous walking into the party but all the girls and staff were so friendly, I was comfortable pretty quickly it was a fun, memorable and exciting evening I can recommend Karen's parties for everyone and especially if it's your first time it is mostly a cd party but there are all members of the community, from cd's (first timers and regulars) some lifestyle tv's and ts's along with some select admirers and an occasional wife or two, it's great to meet everyone and a terrific opportunity to make some friends Karen hosts a fun party in a safe and comfortable environment and you can be assured she and everyone there will respect your privacy . feel free to contact me at gina_b@ymail.com

Hiya Karen!!!! Thank you so so so much! My very first time out and about was made fabulous thanks to you!!!!! I had a great time and felt so relaxed and comfortable in the setting you provided...I am still on Cloud Nine thinking about that night! I cannot wait until your next party...I certainly have the fever...or should I say Femme Fever now! Although I have been out for drives and into a few stores here and there, this was my first experience interacting with others as Samantha and loved every moment thanks to you! I cannot believe I entered the Legs Contest and won too...could my night have been any more perfect? I don't think so... You are a wonderful hostess and a very special person...I hope to chat with you more very soon! Thanks again for making my "first" real night out very special and simply perfect! I cannot wait for the next party... Big Kisses... Samantha samanthagirl11@yahoo.com

To all that have made this party what it was......Don't Stop what ya doing!!!!! Karen, Attending your party has given me such a lift in spirit. Seeing friends again, sharing good times and seeing you again. I must say again, you are the lifeline to many girls and we certainly appreciate it. Having Kellie's Bar treat us so well and have a buffet, speaks for itself. I look forward to many times there and meeting such wonderful people. This is what my life is about, sharing and enjoying what OUR life is about, Love & Hugs, Kenia Brittney Armstrong

Karen, I so do thank you for all of your tired less efforts that you keep on giving to the cd/tg/ts community! You made my first time out a experience that I will continue to reflect on for years to come! Your biggest fan, Carly Renee Klein AKA the soldier from Fort Drum New York

Hi Karen; Once again thank you for all the fun we had at the gala. My wife and I had a blast. We just looked at the pictures and they are wonderful. So many pretty ladies. And when we read that you may hold 2 events a year... well we both were excited!!! We can't wait till the next one. Love, Joan towner5681@hotmail.com

Hi Girls , To anyone who is on the fence about going to Karens party, please give it a try . She is so warm & open minded, you will feel at home right away . Every body was was once in the same boat & had to get out of their house & car dressed as your true self. All the girls are willing to talk & listen to you. Hugs Diane dianegirl44@yahoo.com

Karen, You did an AMAZING JOB !!!! I cried tears of joy participating in your fashion show. Your dedication to us is endless and sometimes thankless, BUT I want to tell you from the bottom of this girl's heart, YOU ARE THE FLAME THAT MAKES US GLOW. Karen, I DON'T GIVE COMPLIMENTS UNLESS I MEAN IT!!!! You are the best thing besides breasts forms.LOL I can't say enough about you and how you're soooo dedicated. Once again Karen, You have made my dream and many others come true. Thank you. Hugs, Brittney sweethingts@yahoo.com

Thank you Karen for a wonderful weekend in New York. The event was more than I could have asked for and I got to meet some great people. You makeup application was esquisite and you did it so naturally even though there was so much going on in your suite. You are a true professional. My wife thoroughly enjoyed herself and we both enjoyed our ventures into the city for two plays and exploring the coastal cities on Saturday. Thanks for giving us a reason to come to New York. Hugs and Kisses April Dawn snowinapril2001@yahoo.com

FABULOUS party, lots of fun, great dance music, etc...altogether a JOYFUL experience, which to me is what life is all about. I love you, Shelley shelleyalexa@yahoo.com P.S. Just got back to LA via DC

I'm still recovering.....you can't a bigger accolade than that (Gala Ball)..I stayed at the after party till the bar closed...got home at 4...and was so pumped up I never got to sleep....I had the time of my life and my wife had a great time speaking to other spouses. I ran into friends I've know for close to 30 years...some I hadn't seen in a long time. I introduced my wife to many of my long time friends as well as many of my new ones that she had never met. Great Party Karen and everyone who was there that made it great as well as the special guests...that was impressive too. The people in the bar were great fun too. There could not be a better place to have this event than the Ronkonkoma Holiday Inn. The staff was terrific. Karen, as usual, ya done good, only each year good is better and better. Kudos to you. Sincerely Vickie Stone vickiestone@yahoo.com

Marla Wirites : Hi everyone! My name is Marla and I am a Tg girl living on long island, N.Y.As a Tg, I am used to being out and about "en femme" all the time so I don't even think about societies perception of me. I do however realize that many of my sisters have a difficult time venturing into public "dress- ed" but would like to be out in public from time to time. It is for this reason that I am writting this recommendation. Femme Fever created by Karen, hosts a gathering the second Thurs- day each month and this allows everyone to get together and have a great time. If you have ever had the desire to be out in public "dressed" and completely protected, than this is the venue for you. Karen who organizes the party is extremely supportive and provides make-overs before the event if you so desire.(Visit her website) I attended the recent February party and had a wonderful time meeting many new girls. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me. The girls at the party are extremely supportive, (as am I ) and we would love to get to know you. Love, Marla (marlamissprettyone@yahoo.com)

Gina Writes : Dear Karen, It's been over a year since a very shy person came to see you and I just wanted to update you on what has happened since then and how my life jas changed: After our first meeting in November of 2006, where you showed me how good I could look and took the time to be patient and compassionate with me, I have felt better about myself than I have in a long time. In that first session you showed me different looks and really made me believe in myself in a feminine mode. I visited you twice more after that and each time with your help flet better and better. Still being shy about going out, I finally took the plunge in April of 2007 at your monthly party. At your home I met some of the girls for the first time and nervously drove to the party site. I hung out with these girls who made me feel like we had been lifelong friends, as well as your support, encouraging me to dance in a contest right away! A guy even approached me at the end of the night and we had a very natural man-woman conversation-what a first night! Well, since then I have been to almost every monthly party, have made some great friends in between and have become closer to you as a friend over the months. I have also made a special friend in Sheila, who started the same month I did and we have become very close through the year. I can't say enough about you for what you have done for me. The experience is much more than dressing-it is relating to a great group of people! You have often been described as an angel and that is just what you are to us! If anyone is reading this and is thinking about seeing Karen, you can contact me at ggtv99@yahoo.com and I will be glad to tell you more! (Reading the testimonials is how I first decided to see Karen in 2006!) Continued success and I love you dearly and can never thank you enough! Love, Gina (ggtv99@yahoo.com)

Cosette Writes : Hi Karen, 

I attended the Halloween event, which was my first.  I couldn't have imagined a more accepting environment.  We all had a great time dancing, drinking and laughing the night away!
Cosette  ... http://new.cosette.name/

Julie Writes : I must say at first I was apprehensive about going to the Oct 11th party. I am glad I did. I met some nice people and the party was everything it was said it was going to be in the write up. It was discreet, private, and fun. Thanks Karen for being able to set up events like this. Many times, although my friends accept me as Julie, it never seems topan out they we are able to do activity things. This is great, cause it does enable me to do that.
Julie (Juliesanders07@yahoo.com)

Vickie Writes : I had been out of the scene for many years after being quite active in the late 80's and early 90's. All it took was one Femme Fever party to meet up with a number of old friends and to connect with a whole slew of new ones. Everyone was so friendly.I had a wonderful time. My only regret is that I missed the next two parties. I can not recommend the Femme Fever parties enough, particularly to "newbies." And, I can't think of more sincere and genuine person than Karen to put it ALL together...parties, transformations, photo-shoots, social events, make-up, wigs, clothes...you name it, she's assembled it all for us, and most important she really understands us. All I can say is you round once, it'd be a shame not to avail yourself of all that Femme Fever has to offer special girls like us -- so go for it!
Vickie Stone (VickieStone@Yahoo.com)

Mike Writes : I attended my first femmefever party on Thursday thanks to Karen's invitation. I drove two hours from Connecticut and two hours back and it was worth every mile. Karen recognized me when I walked through the door and made me feel welcome right from the start. Everyone I talked to was very nice and made me feel right at home. Cindy even got me out on the dance floor! I feel honored to be a "select admirer" and plan on coming to as many femmefever events as possible. Thanks again!! Mike (mikeltour61@yahoo.com)

I would like to formally thank Karen for setting up such a nice evening on Jan 10th. I am brandy new to this group, I enjoyed the evening and found ALL the attendees to be very pleasant. You gurls are very welcoming, easy to try and blend in with - simply a joy. I know I will be much more outgoing at the next engagement, because as I took in my first foray, I could sense the calm, the confidence, the intoxicating positive nature of all the gals there - they knew who they were and stood up looking magnificent. I was incredibly impressed. In addition, I totally enjoyed my specific conversations with a lady originally from Queens, a total beauty (and I neglected to tell her such - she was gorgeous) by the name of Nancy. Charlie bigapplnyc@yahoo.com

Tina Writes : Hi, Everyone, Karen's parties are outstanding I have been attending them since she started them and I have attended every Thursday party that I possibly could even after moving to New Jersey. The parties have a great mix of gals who have been coming for years as well as newbies. These parties are great for newbies each of us "veterans" should fully support these parties (remember when you were new and scared and did not have a safe place to go) it's so important for us to have a safe, fun place to go. Karen, Thanks for all the past years and the future ones Love Tina xenaplace@aol.com